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Abhinaya Dance academy is an art school that teaches South Indian traditional Dance style known as Bharathanatyam. ADA was established in 2004, at Glasgow by Smt Esther Sunija. Sunija, (as dearly called by all), aspires to provide the highest quality of dance instruction for students of ALL ages and different ethnic origin. Since its inception ADA is deeply responsible for the spread and nourishment of South Indian culture in Scotland. The academy heads the responsibility in collaborating South Indian Art Forms in accordance with the nativity of the place. 


ADA ‘s reputation in Glasgow has been rewarded with opportunities to represent in all major events such as Glasgow 2014 common wealth games celebration and Glasgow Mela.


AT ADA classes are conducted not only to pursue a professional career in dance, but also to people who simply like to learn some new skills to share with friends and family. 


By and large ADA offers beginners, intermediate and advanced level courses based on a well organized syllabus. The internationally recognized examinations provide the individuals with a thorough knowledge of the dance techniques. There are 7 grades for Bharatanatyam and as the individual progresses through each grade the standard and expectations of the presentation and the perfection of the technique increases. As there are no age limits for the dance, the examiners judge the students according to their maturity and dance accomplishments. Once graduated to a specific 

grade level or competency level ADA facilitates to perform a full solo repertoire to live accompaniment, a debut on-stage performance, which is commonly know as “Arangetram“ in South Indian language. Furthermore, as part of their curriculum, students will have the opportunity to take part in all major events such as Glasgow Mela and other Glasgow community celebrations.


Since Bharatanatyam involves various facial expressions (Abhinayam), Hand 

movements (Mudras), and Feet Work (Nritta); ADA believes it enhances physical and mental health through dance training. The synthesis of movement and music is a valuable and important experience for body, mind and spirit. ADA’s students build strength and control of their bodies while also building mental dexterity, determination and discipline. Motor skills are heightened and strengthened and aesthetic sensibilities are developed and enhanced through our carefully designed program. The physical, mental and personal discipline afforded by such training is of value not only in the student’s efforts to excel in dance, but can be applied to all aspects of their life, into and throughout adulthood.


Smt. Sunija continues the century old tradition of passing on this divine art form to all generations by identifying and training students who have the dedication and passion for this art , thereby extending the frontiers of Bharatanatyam towards new horizons.

Abhinaya glasgow
bharatanatyam glasgow mela
classical  indian dance costume
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