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Abhinaya Dance Group located in Glasgow, Scotland, promotes the South Asian Dance style known as Bharathanatyam. The school was founded by Mrs Esther Sunija Binu.


An Accomplished Indian Classical dancer performer, choreographer and teacher who strongly believes in promoting vales of Indian Culture through Bharatanatyam. She received her initial training in Bharatanatyam from well Know Guru, Smt  Rajeswari  and later she mastered specialized techniques in Bharatanatyam through the guidance of Guru Ananthi Karthikeyan Jayavel.


Sunija Binu has a natural aptitude for teaching. The fact that she had trained many batches in India, add to her experience and patience levels, both requisites for a good teacher. She has completed her Masters in Computer and felt that she like to be specialized in  Bharatanatyam so, she has completed one year  Bharatanatyam course with Kalai Kaviri College of Fine arts, Bharatidasan University and studied Nattuvangam from Guru Ananthi Karthikeyan . She thinks that continuous learning and performing in her opinion make her an effective teacher.


In 2004 she has  established Abhinya Dance Academy  in Glasgow and is deeply responsible for the spread and nourishment of Indian culture in foreign sands. . The group also heads the responsibility in collaborating Indian Art Forms in accordance with the nativity of the place. 


Abhinaya  provides students with all the training necessary for their graduation as well as facilitating the organization of the Arangetram.


Abhinaya Dance Adacemy offers beginners, intermediate and advanced based on a well organized syllabus. The internationally recognized examinations provide the individuals with a thorough knowledge of the dance techniques. There are 7 grades for Bharatanatyam and as the individual progresses through each grade the standard and expectations of the presentation and the perfection of the technique increases. There are no age limits for the dance and the examiners are expected to judge the students according to their maturity and dance accomplishments.


The practical part of the graduation includes Arangetram which would be the individual’s debut on-stage performance. Traditionally once the student reaches a level of competency he or she will perform a full solo repertoire to live accompaniment.


 Furthermore there are group programs from time to time where students will take part, which will give them exposure. 


Apart from this, Abhinaya has conducted workshops in various schools, which forms a part of their Geographical studies. There, the young people got attracted towards the traditional dance (Bharatanatyam) since it involves various facial expression (Abhinayam) Hand movements (Mudras) Feet Work (Nritta). It also kindled an interest in them to know more about the traditional dance form (Bharatanatyam). 

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Abhinaya(SCIO)  Scottish Charity No. SC045484